Author: katie

  • Saturn and the Eagle Nebula

    Saturn and the Eagle Nebula

    My sharpest Saturn yet and a noisy capture of the Eagle Nebula

  • The moon, just before and just after the blue moon

    The moon, just before and just after the blue moon

    This is a pair of mosiacs of the moon around the full moon. The one from the 31st is sharper (turns out I had a pinched corrector plate, and corrected between this images) and has the saturation cranked up to emphasize the color variations across the surface. I also attempted to get an image during…

  • Saturn, M51, and M76

    Saturn, M51, and M76

    This was a rough night with equipment trouble and early dew. So I only got a few shots in.

  • Jupiter Shadow Transit

    Jupiter Shadow Transit

    Jupiter is finally starting to rise before it gets too late. I aimed my scope at it at the end of the session and noticed a shadow spot from Io, so I recorded a time lapse covering about 10 minutes. The shadow is obvious, and Io can just be seen as a light spot moving…

  • Hygiea and Neptune

    Hygiea and Neptune

    I decided to try finding some new solar system targets. Most of the larger asteroids weren’t out but I was able to spot Hygiea. I also managed to image Neptune and Triton.

  • Pillars of Creation

    Pillars of Creation

    This is a portion of the eagle nebula, captured in Hubble’s famous Pillars of Creation image. I managed to get about 10 minutes of exposure before conditions worsened. This was taken at low altitude through the Detroit light dome, hopefully I can see it in dark skies some day.

  • Messier Clusters

    While waiting for Saturn to rise I took a few pictures of clusters with my little telescope.

  • A few DSOs

    A few DSOs

    This was my first clear night in a few months, but I wasn’t having much luck with DSOs. Saturn was back in the sky, so most of my session was focused on that.

  • Saturn’s back!

    Saturn’s back!

    Saturn is finally back in the evening sky. This is my first time looking at it since I got my first looks with my small starter scope.

  • Another sunspot and some heat lightning

    Another sunspot and some heat lightning

    We went to the city’s fireworks show and the sun peeked through a hole in the clouds right before setting. There’s currently a large cluster of sunspots that shows up as a dark spot in a cell phone image through the smoke. After the fireworks there was a bunch of heat lightning in the clouds…