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  • Young Moon Mosaic

    Young Moon Mosaic

    The moon is a deep red from being low in the sky with wildfire smoke. My favorite details in this light are the floor of Pentavius and the wrinkles in Mare Crisium. This is a composite of five images with my C8.

  • Venus and Mars

    Venus and Mars

    It was a smoky night but the planets still show up bright. No detail on Mars with it getting so small – I haven’t had a night of excellent seeing yet to fine-tune my collimation.

  • The moon and Venus on a smoky night

    The moon and Venus on a smoky night

    Although the weather said the skies were clear there was a high-altitude haze of wildfire smoke. The only star I could see in the sky was Arcturus. Venus and the young moon were beautiful and close in the sky, and I knew Castor and Pollux were nearby even if I couldn’t see them. A 15-second […]

  • M13


    After finishing observing the supernova in M101 I decided to point my scope at M13 for a quick image before packing up for the night. I’m always amazed by the incredible density of resolvable stars in this cluster.

  • Supernova in M101!

    Supernova in M101!

    SN 2023ixf was detected on the 19th, and I was able to image it on the 20th. It easily outshines all of the local stars in the image. I took a total of an hour of exposure to render the galaxy cleanly. It’s a tough target with low contrast over the light pollution. Below is […]

  • Venus again

    Venus again

    I’ve decided to start out each observing session with an image of Venus. It should be interesting to compare them over time as the apparent size and phase changes.

  • Venus, Mars, and a galactic jet

    Venus, Mars, and a galactic jet

    Seeing was pretty rough again, but I aimed at the planets that were out, Virgo A (with visible jet from the core!) and a few other random targets. I wasn’t sure what to look for so just started pointing at low-4000s NGC objects. Mars is just a red dot in this seeing and distance.

  • A few Messier objects

    A few Messier objects

    Had the big scope out but seeing was awful.

  • Venus and some DSOs

    Venus and some DSOs

    Decided just to use the little scope this time around. I attempted to resolve the minor planet Haumea put didn’t get it. I need to try hunting for dwarf planets and asteroids with the C8 on a night with good seeing.

  • A few more images with my C8

    A few more images with my C8

    I imaged a few more targets the other night, in addition to the double quasar in my previous post. This is my best shot of the whirlpool galaxy yet.