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  • Jupiter/Venus Conjunction

    Jupiter/Venus Conjunction

    I was out the evening of the conjunction, but packed up my little telescope and managed to grab a picture from a parking lot!

  • Mars!


    It was only 4℉ out but it was clear so I took some time to try out my 8″ SCT now that I have it better collimated. Mars was high in the sky, so I got a good view of it despite looking straight through the jetstream. This is the first time I’ve resolved surface…

  • First light for my C8 SCT!

    First light for my C8 SCT!

    It’s been overcast for weeks, but I had a few hours of clear skies to finally try out my new scope and camera. A NexStar 8 (8″ SCT from 1999) and a ZWO ASI178MC. The long focal length and tiny sensor are best for planetary, but the seeing was rough. I tested it out on…

  • Hazy Sky

    Decided to try for a better shot of the Pleiades again tonight, but transparency was awful. There was a slight haze over the whole sky and Orion’s belt was barely visible. I took a few afocal shots with my 9mm eyepiece since it pairs well with my cellphone camera, but the field of view was…

  • The moon through a Lego webcam

    The moon through a Lego webcam

    I’ve been wanting to try prime-focus imaging, but don’t have the equipment. But I did have a Lego webcam from 2000 sitting around. So I took out the sensor and put it in the tube from a bad Barlow lens and tried it out. I was pretty impressed with the results! I had to use…

  • Io Shadow Transit

    I observed Io’s shadow transiting Jupiter for the first time today! It was barely resolvable on my 70mm refractor, but it was there!

  • Jupiter with my cell phone

    Jupiter with my cell phone

    This is the best cell phone picture I’ve taken of Jupiter yet. I love that you can see the different colors of the moons. I could clearly make out cloud bands on Jupiter, but they ended up overexposed no matter how I tweaked the camera settings.