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  • M1 and M42

    M1 and M42

    I took a few quick stacks of M1 and M42. M1 was cut short by light clouds illuminated by a full moon, so once again I don’t have a good long exposure of it.

  • M1, M36, and M42

    M1, M36, and M42

    A descent night of observing, although the occasional cloud passed by. I tried getting some galaxies in as well but the corrector plate was frosted over by then.

  • Crab Nebula

    Crab Nebula

    This is a very poor shot of M1, the Crab nebula. It is a supernova remnant. The supernova was recorded in 1054 by Chinese astronomers. I was having equipment trouble and unable to track well, so this is an incredibly short (and therefore noisy) exposure and the stars are a little wonky.