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  • M46, NGC 2438 and M42

    M46, NGC 2438 and M42

    This is only a small portion of open cluster M46, and it contains planetary nebula NGC 2438 (which is much closer, and only in M46 by coincidence) in the shot. And another shot of M42 because it’s big and bright and pretty.

  • M1 and M42

    M1 and M42

    I took a few quick stacks of M1 and M42. M1 was cut short by light clouds illuminated by a full moon, so once again I don’t have a good long exposure of it.

  • M1, M36, and M42

    M1, M36, and M42

    A descent night of observing, although the occasional cloud passed by. I tried getting some galaxies in as well but the corrector plate was frosted over by then.

  • M43 and M66

    M43 and M66

    I got another shot of M43, but with a bit of M42 included and a lot less noise. M66 is my first galaxy image. This is about 12 minutes of exposure.

  • M42


    Got another shot of the Orion nebula, I think I’m getting better at this.

  • First light for my C8 SCT!

    First light for my C8 SCT!

    It’s been overcast for weeks, but I had a few hours of clear skies to finally try out my new scope and camera. A NexStar 8 (8″ SCT from 1999) and a ZWO ASI178MC. The long focal length and tiny sensor are best for planetary, but the seeing was rough. I tested it out on […]