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  • NGC 2438

    NGC 2438

    Center (RA, Dec): (115.457, -14.728) Center (RA, hms): 07h 41m 49.626s Center (Dec, dms): -14° 43′ 39.930″ Size: 11.2 x 7.49 arcmin Radius: 0.112 deg Pixel scale: 0.787 arcsec/pixel Orientation: Up is 1.3 degrees E of N

  • M46 and NGC 2438

    M46 and NGC 2438
  • M46, NGC 2438 and M42

    M46, NGC 2438 and M42

    This is only a small portion of open cluster M46, and it contains planetary nebula NGC 2438 (which is much closer, and only in M46 by coincidence) in the shot. And another shot of M42 because it’s big and bright and pretty.