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  • Full Moon

    Full Moon

    Seeing was pretty bad, so these aren’t as crisp as my last set, but I figured they were still good enough to keep.

  • Moon, near first quarter

    Moon, near first quarter

    I got a lot of time observing the moon waxing around 42%, and a week later have finally processed the captures. On the sharpest ones I think I have below 1km surface resolution, which is far better than I realized was possible! I captured three Apollo sites in these images too:

  • Nearly Full Moon

    Nearly Full Moon

    This is the first time I’ve been able to point my SCT at the moon. It’s definitely a bit of an improvement over the smaller scopes I’ve been using.

  • The moon again

    The moon again

    Got a quick peek in as the clouds started rolling in. This is with my new phone which has way too many cameras and gets very confused by having a telescope in front of it. I’ll have to experiment with other camera apps. The animation above shows that conditions were not great… You can also…

  • The moon through a Lego webcam

    The moon through a Lego webcam

    I’ve been wanting to try prime-focus imaging, but don’t have the equipment. But I did have a Lego webcam from 2000 sitting around. So I took out the sensor and put it in the tube from a bad Barlow lens and tried it out. I was pretty impressed with the results! I had to use…

  • Cellphone picture of the moon

    Cellphone picture of the moon

    Taken afocally by my cell phone through a 10mm eyepiece on my 70mm f/10 refractor

  • Full moon

    Full moon

    Afocal cell phone image with my 70mm f/10 refractor