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  • NGC 2634

    NGC 2634

    Center (RA, Dec): (132.140, 73.966) Center (RA, hms): 08h 48m 33.593s Center (Dec, dms): +73° 57′ 56.144″ Size: 6.37 x 5.16 arcmin Radius: 0.068 deg Pixel scale: 0.524 arcsec/pixel Orientation: Up is 170.2 degrees E of N

  • NGC2634, just barely

    NGC2634, just barely

    I captured 11 minutes of galaxies NGC2634 and NGC2634A. They’re faint and fuzzy, I’m not sure how much detail is possible through the light pollution here. They’re circumpolar, so they are out all night. I might try setting up in the back yard where I can see them early on and do a much longer…