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  • Awful scope on a nice mount

    Awful scope on a nice mount

    I just picked up a new mount but don’t have the dovetail rail for my SCT yet, so I just figured out how to clamp my $60 refractor onto it to learn how it works. I captured the Pleiades and a random bit of sky that happened to be full of faint stars.

  • Hazy Sky

    Decided to try for a better shot of the Pleiades again tonight, but transparency was awful. There was a slight haze over the whole sky and Orion’s belt was barely visible. I took a few afocal shots with my 9mm eyepiece since it pairs well with my cellphone camera, but the field of view was […]

  • Pleiades with a point-and-shoot camera

    Pleiades with a point-and-shoot camera

    I decided to see what my camera with a 12x lens (60mm f/l) could do with the Pleaides. Here’s the result. I was hoping that the zoom was low enough for a 15 second exposure to work out, but as you can see there are trails. But not bad for a two-minute observing session.

  • Pleiades


    I finally had another clear night, and observed the Pleiades for the first time. Seeing was good for Jupiter as well, with all four moons out. Mars was tricky, I think I may have noticed a darker area and for a moment maybe the northern ice cap, but I’m not confident. The Pleiades cluster was […]